“The music” – [24]

Was growing up inside of me and at the end, in the middle of its beauty, this time, it made me got up and almost running toward the glass door of the local. I made myself space between the persons who were entering and, as if they swallowing me inside of a chocking twirl, i was been able to come out the local. Breathless, i have took a look to the both side and only to the end toward the right side of the street i saw your silhouette who was slowly walking toward an unknown destination. The lamps along the street, was enlarging your shadow and the first of them, has touched me. I would have wanted scream, but something it has blocked me from inside. 
I was looking at you from behind and what i saw, beyond your silhouette, they were your hands in the pockets of your jeans.  
I remained to stare at you till your silhouette has mixed itself with the darkness and then i wasn’t able to see you. By now, i was remained to stare the darkness and the nothing.
Phillip, who had noticed me that i was come out, was looking for me inside, believing that i was entered and by now, outside of the local there were almost anybody, he had took a look for a control and he had seen me still there. He went out and he said me: “Daria, you must enter, come on girl, let’s in” He knew what was happening in my mind: my desire to share some word with that guy of the iced glass of beer. He had seen, for how as it as been possible, all the glances we had shared and he would have wanted say me also, that even him was feeling the same thing, but he didn’t say anything. He accompanied me again at my table and only when we were approached at the bottom of the local, he said: “Many people enter inside of my local, some enter one time and then i dont’ ever meet them no more. Some are old clients. But i never seen a sweet approach amongst two persons like you and that guy. This local may be also the most unfashionable local of the quartier, but since when you and that guy had shared that first shy glance, all around has taken on a magical atmosphere. My little, i only can imagine, what you’re feeling, but i assure you, that he is feeling the same, if no, something bigger. I have noticed him how he is look at you. Don’t rush the time.
When he came next to the jukebox, i had believe he wanted to talk with you, but when he has left the local when the music has started, i thought that i didn’t would have done better. Let it be him to approach himself to you. It will be easier for both.”
I was listening to Phillip with a tangle in the stomach that, almost i was chocking and it was sucking me from inside. Some tears fallen from my face and he stretched me some kleenex from the aluminum box on the table and i dried the tears. 
Phillip at the end got up himself, staring the hole on the table and in a sigh, he said:”I should adjust it”. I looked at the hole and then i whispered: “Please don’t do it. By now, we became friends” and i touched the hole in the table. He looked at me for a second, then he said me:”As you want..”
But when he went away he was still looking at the hole. That hole in my table.”


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