“You stopped” – [22]

In front of the door of the appartament and you was about to open it, but you spinned yourself  and you have putted again the keys in the little bowl close the door. You stopped to think: maybe you was acting much impulsively. You had to stop  for real  more than a second. 
But what you have would like to do is to running toward that bar and look for my glance in the middle of the others people. 
You was feeling that neccesity to feel yourself free and only in my glance you have found this sensations, but you knew also, that you have to take a shower. Load these big boxes in the little car, it has been nervously tiresome and at least, you had to change your t-shirt. 
Slowly you went upstairs and you went in bathroom and you have took off your clothes and you went bare in the shower. You have opened the water and sweetly it has started to caressing the body. 
You remained without moving yourself, for severals minutes. While the water ran away in to the exhaust pipe, your eyes were closed and you throwed away the air from the lungs, as if that combination of water and warm air, could gave you new oxygen to inhale in and for clearing your thoughts, your ideas.  While you was washing yourself, all thoughts of the day went away leaving place to only one and that one it was made you feel free.
You came out from the shower wrapping your hips by the white big towel that you had. 
You went in front of the mirror above the sink. It was tarnished. You have cleaned it with the palm of your hand and who you had seen, it was your face, but it was like you was seeing an unknown face. 
You have cleared more the mirror and just to the end you have recognised your features. 
You have smiled and you went in your bedroom for put you on a shirt and a new pair of jeans.
You wanted to come out as soon as possible for direct yourself toward the bar. 
You went back in the bathroom for dry your hair with the towel and than you went downstairs.
For a last time you have took a look to the lastest boxes, there scattered on the floor, as if you wanted burn them, you have take the keys and you have open the door and you left the appartment. 
You was still dazed from what you was feeling inside that you have decide to walk. 

Slowly you have took the street toward the bar. “


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