“More you ” – [23]

Approached yourself to the bar, more your heart was beating faster and that sensation it was pervading you in the appartment got bigger and bigger.
When you arrived to the sidewalk where there was the bar, you got slowly and when to the end, you was arrived in front of the big glass door of the entrance, you stopped for a bit. It seemed there were nodody around you: you was totally estranged by the enviroment around you. 
You have throwed away the air and you have checked inside the bar. 
You was stopping the others persons who wanted enter in that local.
As stunned, you left pass these persons and they have launched you a strange glance, but now, you didn’t care. 
You have saw me and that sensation inside was amplyfing itself always more.
The neon sign of the bar and a big lamp was illuminating the sidewalk and the entrance and around of this litttle space there were little rectangular white pots with laurel plants and you for a short time, remained there to stare the floor. 
Occassionally, you was been, also, tugged by the persons who passing ahead. You asked:”Excuse me” in distracted way, as if  was your guilt. 
For to be sure that i was inside you have took a look again. 
I was there, for real.
Me, in the local, i was feeling something, as if it was shaking me from inside. And immediately i felt like your eyes watching me. I lifted my glance toward your stool, but it was occupied by fat person who was chatting with Barb who seemed annoyed, but she smiling. Then i have looked for Philip for have some confirmation, even him was busy.
That evening, the bar was full more than usual and there  were persons who entering and who leaving the local, as if it was a freight yard.
But my heart has begun to beat like a crazy and it beated like this, only, when you was in the bar. I asked myself if i was going crazy, or i was going out of control, when from the entrance door you was entered. 
My heart stopped my breathe became shorter.
Our eyes were meet and around everything has become muffled: the bar noises, by now, were of background. You was looking at me and you have looked till you have sat yourself on your stool, asking to a ghost, the usual iced glass of beer and you have asked even a simple sandwich: that evening you wanted remain more.
When the sandwich arrived, i’ve shy smiled biting my lips and i looked down. 
I believed to blushed. I had the heart in turmoil.
We both had know that in the that noisy bar, there we were only us and everything what we would have done it would be noticed to the other, also the most tiny gesture. 
You have started to eat the sandwich with a smile and you was looking ahead, but in reality it was for me. I wasn’t able to stop to blush and what i was feeling inside it was a roller coaster. 
I was aware, that you wanted stay more time with me despite we weren’t still presented eachother, but  what which we were feeling it was bigger than a formal presentation.
Delicately our souls touching and with our glances and smiles we were embracing us.
Without realizing, suddenly, a tear fallen from my face and that chock sensation was tangling my stomach and i covered my mouth. One of the biggest emotion was investing me and i had have to throwed my back at the backrest of the circular bench, holding my belly. 
That hole on the table was my way of escape. I started to stare it, looking for to take deep breathes. Slowly i took again to breathe and you was looking at me assuring yourself i was ok and you have sweetly smiled me ad i smile you back
You had finished the sandwich and, this time, also the iced beer. 
Inside of me i was saying myself: “I’m going literally go crazy, yes defintely” and for a bit i closed the eyes. 
When i reopened them, you was next to the jukebox and you was inserting the coin and you was choosing something of the list You have click the two buttons of the jukebox you have gave me another your sweetest smile and slowly you have left me without say nothing. You had already paid the service and when the music has begun you was about to open the glass door. But earlier you spinned yourself to look at me and smile me one last time.

The music was the same of the last time.”


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