“You had” – [21]

Loaded the car with the last boxes of the day and closing the door for the last time that day and when you entered in, you have throwed away the air from the lungs and you was hoping to do not see those faces, at least for three of four days, expecially, her face.
When you had always left that appartment, your stomach was tangled and you was always more disgusted. You had to escape from there as soon as possible. And that boxes, fortunately were the lastet remained, but unfortunately your black sport car, was small and you would to make two or three travels for take the lastet things that you thought they were important.
Closed the car, for a bit, you remained with the hands on steering wheel staring in front the street. You hadn’t have still turned on the engine. A person was passing by next. He stared you and he went away.  You haven’t noticed him. You was almost hypnotized by that lamp that was illuminating the sidewalk spreading a yellowish light. 
Suddenly you was awake up from this daze state, as if from inside, your soul had shaked you, so you left.
You have had wanted find your appartament more far from that quartier and from those people and from their mentality.
You ran away faster as you could, then when you turned around that corner, you have got more slowly. You was literally far and you was enter in a dimension more at your measure and slowly you was enter in conctact with something that it was making you feel better. 
From the street you had taken, you had to pass in front of the bar. When you had realized that almost unconsciosly, you have hold back the breathe and you have looked for to see inside if i was inside. 
Maybe you had seen me, but you wasn’t sure. For to be sure, you have checked the clock of the car. It was,already, evening and you was sure that i was there.
You was passed from those heavy sensations caged in an iron grille, to one biggest and wondeful feeling you had ever felt in your life. 
When you arrived in your appartment, you have brtought the boxes inside and you have left them scaterred them on the floor.You would have think to them tomorrow. 
Now you wanted lean yoursef for a minute in the sofa and understand what it was, that feeling it pervaded you from inside. You have closed the eyes and took a deep breath and more you was taking breathe, that sensation tore you apart, as if your your chest opened itself and it left come out your soul and you could see it coming out as a pale white ray and more you felt like this, more you felt better and you could feel that everything it came from the unamed girl of the bar.
You remained so for others few istants with the eyes closed, but right after you have thought: ” If i don’t go out, i could even go crazy” and you got up and you have left everything so.”


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