Lift up

Your face and look at me. Tell me that you are feeling the same vise in the stomach that i’m feeling in these istants. Our Parallel World is wrapping us and our minds are get connecting one with another. 
Lift up your glance and leave that my lips can die on your mouth.
I can feel your arms are embracing me and your chest is holding tight against my back.
I spinning my face toward your and sweetly our eyes meeting. Your hands on my hips, gently turning me round and i wrapping by your perfume. I looking down, but sweetly you take my face in your hands and, now, you are that lift up my face.
For a second we looking at us, then you approach me and your lips ar starting to touch mine. 
I close the eyes and my hands sliding inside in your shirt, making it fallen over our shoulders.
We are kissing us and everything around disappear.
We does exist only us and our kiss and our sweet touches. And all that is magic.



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