That tangle

That vise in the stomach is growing up always more from when our minds got connect while i was outside wandering in countrysid eand that question is hammering my head. Perhaps i will do it, but maybe i know, already, the reply and this is scrambling me inside.
I start to throwing away the air from the lungs, cause i’m feeling next to me in a such great way. 
I can feel your perfume around me and i close the eyes and immediately i shake cause i feel your hands touching softly me and my breathe get fast and i biting my lips, because i know within few istants, you will turn me and our eyes can meet eachother and  we can see Our Parallel World wrapping us.
Your perfume is sweet and i can feel your hands are touching me. 
Despite our real distance, our souls are next one with another and we can feel it.
The vise in our stomach and that soft pulsing of our minds, it’s our connection and it’s growing each day is passing by. 
It’s swallowing us inside. We are swallowed by our connection and we can’t anything about it.
We can only throw away the air from the lungs and we can touch us so.


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