“We both” – [19]

Had know the next day we would have met again and our glances would have collided one in another and you had knew that the first smile would been yours.
We awoken ourselves, each of us in our appartament but with something that was, already, bonding us one another in a way stil unknown.
I have open the eyes and the tangle in my stomach was still inside of me. I didn’t rembember that i had decided to sleep to the opposite of the pillow, but when i’ve stared the roof with that wet spot i had rembembered. 
You sat on the board of the bed in front of the wall in front of the big window that occuppied the other part of the room and you was sistemating your hair, looking for think what you had to do, maybe breakfast? You still didn’t know. You was still think what was happened the last evening. 
Me i was settled myself on the right place of the bed and i settled myself on the backrest and i stared what i had in front of me: the wall with the little desk and the chair, next to the ajar door of the bathroom. I took my pillow and i tighted it against my belly. 
You got up and slowly you went in the bathroom. You have looked at you in the mirror and there you was been able to see milions thoughts that ran in your minds and you have seen, between all them, my smile. You have leans your hands on the forniture where there was the sink and you have started to stare you in the mirror. My smile was pervading you all from inside.
Me, i was got up from the bed and went to open the little window and a bright ray of the sun, made me close the eyes, then slowly i looked down in the street, some cars were stopped and some people walking on the sidewalk. A dog barked from far.
I inhaled the new air and i throwed it out. Everything about last night was still well impressed in my mind. Your glance and above all the music still playing on my mind. I wanted to remove all that, but by now ran in me like the blood that ran in my veins.
Slowly you was putting the clothes, but you was doing it, as if you was an automaton: today you had still boxes to bring in the appartment, but you hadn’t still hear your friends and you wouldn’t have call them. You would have do all alone. You wanted stay alone and waiting for the evening to leave everything and going in the bar and order that iced glass of beer in the counter and perhaps shake from you that bit sense of embaressement, looking for one more time, my gaze.
I went in the bathroom. I have stared me in the mirror and that sense of chocking was about to strangling me from inside. I washed me faster i could and i putted me on a new pair of pants and the same shirt. I took the bag that was remained on the floor next to the door and i putted inside the diary and i came out, throwing away the air from the lungs. 
You have putted the jacket on and you have took the keys of the appartament and you have put them inside the pocket, looking at the appartment full of boxes half open and half closed scattered on the floor, you came out and you have closed the door behind your shoulders.”


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