“You returned” – [17]

At your appartement almost running, after having left me dazed in the bar. Now that something it had left me breathless, it was choking you. 
You have closed the grey door, almost panicking. You was spinning in the  big space as if you was caged and you wanted be set free. 
You had know that i would understood immediately your gesture.
More you was spinning, more you was taking again to breathe. And my smile was well printed in your mind. 
You was shyly smiling, throwing you back in the couch, looking at in front, without though, look anything.
Your breath got calm, but your head still pulsing like a crazy and you was still thinking about the last thing you have seen trought that glass door and how you would have wanted see my reactions.
Slowly you went next the black forniture and you have put on a record and the music has started to play. You returned on the couch and you have closed the eyes and you have throwed away the air from the lungs.
The music was the same you have put on in the local. It was one of the pieces you have always prefered listen to and you have wanted make listening it even to me.
Your head was exploding, but with that music everything seemed become light. Also your feelings. 
But the only persisting thought and emotion that didn’t has left your mind, it was what you was feeling for me: still the unnamed girl at the bottom of the local with beautiful eyes and something of special in her glance.
Slowly the music faded and in the appartament fallen again the silence. 
For a long istant you was remained there to think what you would have do the next day and this thought it has almost paralyzed you.
Surely, now it wasn’t time to think about it. 
Now it was time to think that you have dedicated her one of the most sweet piece that you have always loved.
Slowly you got up yourself and you went up and laying yourself in the bed, your last thought was been toward me. “


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