Our connection

Is exploded in a second: my head is feeling your flows and i’m sure you are feeling mine. It’s a share of big emotions. My vise in the stomach is getting bigger and bigger. It’s like it is strangling me from inside. 
I feeling you are wrapping me from behind with you embrace. Your sweet but strong embrace.
I’m thrill. My fingers are shaking on this keyboard. 
If i close the eyes and i throw away the air from the lungs, i can feel you here next to me, more closer than ever.
Yesterday i didn’t feel you, but now it’s like you are next to me. 
I can feel your breathe and your hands on my body. They sweetly caressing me and i can only follow you with my little moan mixed with my slow breathe. 
You’re here, you’re holding me tight against your chest anmd our whispers entering in my soul and my heart is exploding
Our connection travel fast and our minds are get connect sweetly but also in a overwhelm way.
I’m listen to your heart and my soul replies.
If i could touch you….
Our Parallel World is waiting for us


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