“I believed” – [15]

To be escaped from the tought that it was hammering my head since i was wake up, instead i was about going to hit him.
When i went down and i was enter inside the bar was empty and the client served by the owner, had just left the local and the other member staff weren’t still arrived.
I was about to go at the my table, when the owner asked me if that morning i had prefered to make breakfast outside. The bar had two or three tables outside, just next the glass door.
The day was beautiful, but i have prefered to place myself at my table, always there at the bottom of the local.
“As you wish Daria” said me the owner without force me. He knew i would have prefer stay in my corner, without prying look of the other clients. He accompanied me to my table and drying his greasy hands on his stained apron, he said me: “Today i prepared some gluttony for the breakfast” and without let me decide he went away. After some minutes later he returned with my cup of milk and coffee and a big dish with these desserts. I thanked him with a big smile and he left me make the breakfast. 
His gentle gesture made me forget all my emotions that i had felt in my room and for a while i had forget also you. I done breakfast in almost solitude. The owner has passed asking if everything it was to my taste, and i  replied “Yes everything’s good!” and he went away with a happy face. I was happy for him.

When i left my room i taken my diary and i putted as always inside of my bag. 

When he took away my dishes and cup, i put the diary on the table and i started to write.
The time is passed by. I was focused on my writing that i haven’t noticed that you was entered and you placed yourself on that stool of the counter. 
The owner came in front of you and asked you what you have would like to drink, and you have replied “An iced glass of beer, thanks”. You said this while you was shyly spinned your face toward me, hoping i had listening to you, but i didn’t.  
The owner, from when, you was entered in his bar, had noticed our sharing of glances and without any explanation, he had understood everything. 
He had understood that you wanted catch my attention and without terms, he has helped you, repeating the order aloud. His voice has awoke me from my thoughts and shyly our eyes met, but immediately you have changed direction. I was remained breathless and that sensation that was chocking me in my room, has started again to wrapping me. 
I started to stare a little hole in my table. I would have wanted to dive myself inside for to don’t back no more.
The bar was full of clients, but since when our gaze met eachother, all around seemed fade. 
You wasn’t wait for your friends, you wasn’t watching the clock on the wall behind the counter as you usually did when you was waiting for them.
That evening were just you and me and our glances were more frequent than usually. 
When our glances were meeting, we could feel something happening. Our souls speaking one with another, but we didnt know what they said. 
Each time, also if distant one from another, we could hear our breathes wrapping us.
You had your iced glass of beer still in front almost full, when you have left the money on the counter and you was about to let the stool: i believed that was about to leaving the bar. 
On the contrary you was coming toward me. My heart was about to explode inside me. 
Slowly you was approached toward my angle and you went in front of the jukebox and while you was choosing which song to play, we had shared one of the most intense glance that we had shared till that moment. 
You was checking, if your shirt pocket, there was a coin to insert in and in that moment a shy gaze. 
The music has started, another glance, another smile and slowly you have left me alone and you was directed toward the entrance of the bar, while the music was playing.
I looked at you while you stopped yourself, beyond the glass door and you was smiling me. 
My heart was exploding. I would have wanted chasing you.
The music was still playing while i was looking at you while you was was disappearing around the corner.

The record has never skipped.”


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