I’m not

Going crazy, cause i know you’re feeling what i’m feeling, despite our distance, but i know our distance is getting shorter and shorter.
My head is exploding more than usual and my vise slowly is get bigger and bigger and i must to throw away the air from the lungs. 
I can feel your hands are wrapping my belly and you are holding me always more. 
Today our emotions are around us and we could feel them more stronger than ever. 
My head is spinning and i know it’s our connection.
Since when i felt you have reached my level, my emotions are poised and at any time they could explode.
I feeling your hands are holding me more than usual and i close the eyes for feel you more inside in me. 
We are touching ourselves in a softly way. I feel your hands on my body and i can feel your breathe. We can feel our minds get connect so strong in these istants. 
I remain in silence, but i know our souls are speaking eachother. That’s why my head is spinning like a crazy and my heart is beating hard.
I love how you making me feel, but it’s usless say it to you: you feeling the same too.



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