“When you was” – [11]

Returned also this time to the appartment, you are throw yourself on the sofa and you have thought to me, whom i was still for you the unnamed girl of the solitary table at the bottom of the local. But you was able to get some information more about me: I was the girl who living above the local.
That evening you had invited your friends to help you to put together some furniture in your new appartment.
When they has rang the intercom, you was still on the sofa with the mind somewhere else. The shy smile of girl of the appartament above the bar it was still scrambling you. 
Your friends had have to ring the intercom twice and just at the second ring you have realise that they were awiting for you to open the rusty gate. 
“Here i am… i was at….” you have said looking for an excuse.
“You open, we are us!” A croak voice came out from the intercom and two beep has open the gate.
You have open the grey door and in a second, like a swollen river, your friends were entering, giving you, each of them, a pat on your shoulder. You seemed dazed. You was looking outside the door, as if you was looking for something. What you wanted do was running away, but you was caged.
Your friends seemed really in comfort. Who throwing himself on the sofa, who went in the kitchen for get beer and who was asking what they had to do and where it had to be place the forniture. You seemed swept up to this apparent chaos. 
Your friend Josh, the blond long hair guy, was jumped on the sofa with the beer in hand, has asked you: “Hey friend what’s up!?” You have looked  at him, as if you didn’t have understood the question and you remained in silence. They had  noticed that something get wrong and they looked Josh then you. You was awokening from this muffled  state and you said: “Sorry guys, i’m so tired. This moving has no end… and…” you have sighed. You would have wanted said more, but you stopped yourself.
Josh looked at you giving you a pat and he said: “Let’s move, we are here to help you and it will be what we will do”. So Josh has encoureged the others to pull out the tools and in a hour or two, you and your friends had put together a big wardrobe, that it would been lay on the wall just behind the angle that it would become your favorite one.
When everything over, for a bit, you and your friends rested in silence, who on the floor, who on the sofa, while you gently, went in kitchen to take some others beers for everybody. 

In your mind still spinned my face, the girl of the bar and our last gaze we had shared that evening, a moment ealier that your eyes had looked at down and you was leaving the sidewalk in front of the bar.”


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