I’m feeling

Your closeness always more. Our connection is growing always more and my vise in the stomach is tightening me always more and my mind is exploding in a way never felt before.
What are you trying to say me.
I feel your wrapping embrace around my hips, my belly and my breathe is short.
Yes, i can feel you. You are penetrating my soul: I feel your soul inside of me. 
I’m throwing away air from my lungs.
Your embrace is more tighter than usual you are tightening me. 
I can  feel you behind me. I can hear your breathe and i think i could going crazy.
Our mind are so connect one with another and you can feel that, as i’m doing.
It’s useless to describe what i’m feeling. Our souls, our minds are strongly connect.
My stomach is scrambling and everything is bonded to our connection in our parallel world.
I’m waiting for you you know it.
Our souls are, already speaking one with another.
I’m here.
My head is spinning


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