“When our glances” – [10]

Met for the hundredth time in those first days in which you was enter in the bar, for sure we had etablished a contact and i noticed when you have left the local you was biting your lips and this time, you was blushing. 
The main door of the bar was a glass door.
My place was at the bottom of the big room, but i could see the main entrance and when you was come out from the bar for a second, you stopped in front of stained glass window and you have take a lastest gaze inside in toward my table.  
Between people walking and waiters who were serving the clients, we looked at us once again, then without thinking about it you gone away. 
Me, inside of the local, i was still staring the main entrance, while i was sighing.
I could feel my heart beating hard and i was realizing, i was becoming all red, when Barb came to me to bring away the dishes from my table.
I was staring her without say her nothing. I was shyly smiling while i was putting my diary with a pencil on the table. I wanted put down some thoughts on what was just happened.
Barb, was seemed didn’t wanted intrude herself in my thoughts, but she has whisper me:”He asked about you…” while she looking at the entrance and she smilied to me, while she was taking the dishes. 
She wasn’t a stupid girl. She wanted let me know it.
I stared her as dazed. 
When i remained alone in that angle of the room, i have throw my back on the backrest of the circular bench and i have looked at the big room, as if i was there for the very first time. 
The words of Barb were resounding in my head like a hammer and my heart was literally going crazy. My eyes got wet a bit. I was sorrounded by a great emotion that was sucking me from inside and i didn’t know how to come out. 
That night i didn’t have left the time to the owner to offer me the dinner and i’ve used the keys he had gave me. 
I left the money on the table and i left the bar trought the second door. I have took a glance to Barb and i went away.
I was so overweherlm for what i have had know and i wanted stay alone with my thoughts and my emotions.
I still could feel your eyes on me, also in that rapid gaze, out of the bar. 
I was sorrounded by your eyes, your smile and the Barb’s words making themselves from background to this situation that i wasn’t able to manage.
I have throw myself on  the bed, tightening my diary. 
Your eyes, your smile, you that was biting your lips, it was the great slow picture, that it was running in my mind.”


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