In that eyes

I could lost my soul and just your voice could get back me on the right way. 
I could lost me in a second, i could stare them so, how i’m staring them now.
I might be surprised of how it is wonderful your soul of how it’s easy dive in that eyes and to see what you have to give.
They are so magnetic and in them i can see Our Parallel World. The world we have built together despite our distance. 
There i see our first glance we had shared. 
They are piercing my soul and they are speaking. 
I can’t listen to them, but i know my soul is listening to and that vise in my stomach is what which they are saying eachother.
Your eyes, is the universe in which i want to stay.
Your eyes are two blades that are tearing me to shreds but i can’t stop to staring them.


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