“When you entered” – [9]

In the bar you sat on the same stool and you have ordered the same iced glass of beer. Our eyes met but just for stop that moment and  making it last just the time for making touch our souls one with another.
Then your glance has changed direction and it has begun to stare the counter and the iced glass of beer.
The bar man, who was also the owner of the local, passed in front of you for clean the counter and he stopped a bit just in front of you. You seemed lost in your thought. When he asked if you wanted something else, you have looked as if you was looking a ghost. The bar man has repeated you the question and you have said him: “No thanx…” But you have looked at him as if you wanted asked him something, but then you was give up and with a gentle smile you have repeated him:”No thanx…”
Behind the counter, beyond the owner, there was a girl who seemed more avaiable to speak and to give more informations on the clients. 
She was little, thin, blonde with an oval face, big blue eyes and a big mouth with big theets. She wasn’t a great beauty, but her blonde hair and her blue eyes could helps her much. She was fast to serve the clients on the counter and she never stopped herself much to talk.  She was much agile to serve two clients at one time and she never used the  blocnote to remind what to serve.
She was much efficient. She called herself Barb.
They were already three days that you was entering in the bar, with or without your friends, and you sat on the same stool and ordered the same iced glass of beer and you was stay there to listen your friends or you was stare the glass dived in your thoughts.
But that evening, when Barb passed in front of you, you have stopped her. You had something to ask. 
“Yes, if  i can help you with much pleasure” she replied you.
“Since i entered in this bar, i noticed that girl at the bottom of the local, always at that table May i to know her name?” Barb was looking herself around, in search of the owner. She knew that information was confidential. The owner had explicitly said to the staff:”If someone ask information about Daria, say them that is the girl who bought the appartment above the bar”.
Barb looked at you and slowly she said you: “I just can say you, she is the girl who has done an agreement with the owner and she has bought the appartment above the bar. You know how much i wanted it, but the owner has
took her liking…” Barb continued to talk, but after a bit she noticed that you wasn’t listening her anymore, but immediately after she stopped herself and she said you, almost sighing: “You like her isn’t so?”
For a second you have stared her then you have spin your face toward me, then you have thrown away the air from the lungs then you have replied her: “Yes, much.. she has something of really beautiful that i can’t explain…Her eyes, her glance… when we smiled eachother…i would like to know her better”.
You have looked at Barb for a moment and Barb looked at you bewildered. She wanted said you more about me, but those were the orders of the owner.
“Thanx so much Barb… i’ll comeback tomorrow.” 
Barb smiled to you, then looked at me and me i was looking at you while you was leaving the bar, making pass few persons ahead.
In this way you had the possibility to turn yourself a last time toward me, for that evening and you have shyly smiled me.”


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