“Into the bar” – [8]

At the hour i usually entering, there was noboby, just few people, or only the bar staff. The owner of that local was who the person has sell me the little appartment and little by little we were became friends and he was allowing me to enter in the bar even when it was closed. He also gave me the keys of the local, one night when he saw me dived in what i was writing on my diary, so deeply.
The service door next to my table and next to the jukebox was another enter of the building where there was my little room.
When he gave me it, that night he sat at my table and with his gruff voice, he said me “I should close the bar, but i’m noticed you’re busy in your writing….” He looked at me, as if he was doing a big sacrifice, but in that gaze he stretched me those keys and he has finish his speech “I give you these keys: they are the keys of this second door. I reccomend close it well, when you have finished. You can turn off the light of this zone from here” and he indicated me a little panel, hid behind the jukebox.  I didn’t say nothing but my eyes i thanked him much. He gave me a pat on my shoulder and he went away. From that evening i always respected the closing hour of the bar. I’ve tried to give him back the key, but he had wanted that i kept it. 
He wasn’t as grumpy as he wanted to appear.
The very first evening i went down in the bar, i went down much earlier that he had open the local for the public. He left me let me in and he said me:”Choose where you will want stay, it will be your table, and nobody will disturb you”. 
Since the first gaze of the local, that table at the bottom of the big room, situated behind the wood curtain, next the service door and next the jukebox, it was my choose. It was a hid table, but with a good visual of the big local.
It was perfect.
From the first evening i have choose it, was been my table.
The first evening, i settled at my table and i have began to look at around me. 
Closing the eyes i have started to make mine also the perfumes of the local.
Usually i ordered some iced glass of beer and some snacks, but much often arrived dishes with much stuff. I knew that the guilty was of the owner who much often came directly him with the dishes and much often said me: “This evening i offer it”. I couldn’t say him no.
They weren’t passed by not even twentyfour hours, when the main entrance of that bar was been open from you once again and a fresh air was entering with you. 
The local was full of speaking aloud people and the music from the jukeboxe was mixing with their chattering, but when i noticed you all the noises of the local as magic were slowly disappearing. 
I was remained to stared you behind the wood curtain. You was comeback and while you sat on the stool in front of the counter your glance take a look to see who was in the bar and for an istant our eyes were meeting. I tried to act normally, but i think i got all red in the face when I took my eyes off you.
When i looked down i saw you smiling, then you asked to the bar man an iced glass of beer.
I believed my heart stopped and i have closed the eyes for a minute and when i reopened them, you was looking at me and this time you have smiled me for real then your friends came and you left the bar with them. You have launched a last gaze toward me and i have smiled you while my heart was defintely exploding.”


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