” I was awakening” – [7]

From that deep sleep that it suddendly it had got me when i lay myself on the bed.
I was dazed.  I looked at around the little room and everything it was seemed normal. My diary was next to me on the bed. I stared it for long.
The noises of the city were entering in the room, despite the window was closed. Claksons and people who screaming aloud it was the normality for that angle of the street. 
For sure i didnt have need of the alarm clock. In the street there was always a traffic jam and some stupid who wanted be smart.  These sounds were the daily sounds that always woke me up.
But that morning there was something more than the usual sound that wake me up. 
Inside of me there was a little voice that reminded me something. But i was still half asleep and my brain didn’t wanted collaborate. I have opened the little window and i saw there was been a car incident in that crossroad. That’s why of the many screams and curses of the people involved in. 
I snorted and i closed again the window, hoping that the noises got went away.
I went in the bathroom for refresh me. I stared the mirror and what which i seen inside of it, was been one of the last fragment of what i done last night: me at the desk adding few words in my diary.
Now the noises of the street, were just a background noises.
I had forget it! Now all that sensation was resurfacing: your blue eyes, your glance that staring that iced glass of beer and every my little emotions like thousands and thousands little pieces of glass that were brokening on the ground. 
I thrown away the air from the lungs and i went back in the room: the diary was there on the bed. I stared it for a moment then i settled myself on the matress and i’ve took it. I knew what i’ve written, but i wanted read it again.  I relived everything in that few lines. I have sighed and i went on.
I have prepared myself to go out and i have took my little bag with just little necessary things and i’ve putted inside of it my diary and i have took the keys.
While i was closing the door a “Fuck you!!!” resounded in all the quartier.”


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