“Your eyes” – [2]

Were stared on me and i couldn’t do nothing, just to be sucked by your glance. Your friends has left you there in that bar where you was finishing your glass of beer, while you was diving yourself in your thoughts and your gaze always more was directed toward that dark angle where there was my table and i was looking for to hide embarassement. Each time you was enter with your friends there, at the end you was doing the possible to be the last to leave the bar. It’s not always it was possible, but when happened everything around us was floating. Everything ran slow, it was seemed that the time itself stopped. In that crowded bar everybody looks like ghosts who were looking for something and when our gaze meeting for share a rapid and shy smile, we could see something was growing inside. Our hearts beating so strong.

My table, almost in the darkness, next to a service door, next to the jukebox with a green light that were made a kind of background, and i was hiding myself behind the picket fence covered of a red velvet, but i could see the stainless steel counter where in row there were the wood stools covered of green velvet and i could see you. Since the first evening, you settled on the same stool and you never had changed it, not even, when you was with your friends. You have always ordered a glass of beer, but you didn’t drank it all. You was drank some sips then you was listening the speechs of your friends, above all of your friend with blonde and long hair. He was seemed the leader of the group and you was the most silently and medative.
After days of moving in your new appartament: boxes scattered on the floor: some open, some still closed with scotchtape, you was tired also to open the mouth and put few words in row. You wanted just to drink some sips of a iced beer, listen to some familiar voices and then run in bed and close the eyes even because you knew that next days it would started again that routine and you wanted go on faster than you could. Earlier you moving in that appartament, earlier you could forget that bad moment of your life that you was facing up, all alone. 
That bar was the only one close to your new appartment and it was also enough close for stretch the legs after a day spent in car.
And i was always there, at the bottom of the noisy room at that table, next the service door and next to the jukebox when you was enter for the first time with your friends and i have placed my eyes on you for the very first time.”


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