“You looking at me”

In this way and everything around us disappear and our minds get connect and our love grow and everything we want say  to us, reach to our souls and our hearts beating at unison and we are hypnotized one from another and without do nothing we are projecting us in Our Parallel World where in our shack we are about enter inside the gap.
In that journey we were sorrounded by a black hole that spinned around us and it was pushing us on and a continuos sound that was enter in us. Sometimes i felt my head so empty and i believed to faint, but you was there and you was holding me tight. I could feel your chest against my back and your hands were tightening my hips and i was holding tight your arms. In that journey i could feel our minds more connect than usual, as now, and i could feel your whispers that tranquilized me. What we could see it was black with some grey sparkle that they were spinning around us and that sound, but more that sound was entering in us, more our minds were connect.
I rembember i was been able to spin my face toward you and our eyes meeting. That journey it was seemed that it was digging in our souls and when i was been able to touch your lips, there was been a big eletric shock between us and our souls expanded. It was seemed our souls mixing one another in a way never felt before. 
We were cheeck to cheeck, while you was hold tight my belly. 
We were looking ahead and this twirl was continuing to spin and to the end we remained without breathe and the push was been strong that we believed our souls could be snatched one from another and our heads  could explode at any moment.
But when we were falling in the Blue City everything was went well, even if we didn’t know where we were falling.”


⇐ “While you” 

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