How much

I feel in this moment your closeness. 
My vise in the stomach get bigger and bigger and my head is exploding.
Despite our real distance if i close the eyes i can feel you are coming to me and slowly you’re wrapping me with your embrace and sweetly you’re kissing my neck, and slowly you’re watching what i’m writing on the pc screen. I feel your arms wrapping me tight.
Our minds are connecting one with another in a fast way. My vise in the stomach is scrambling me and my head is spinning. I feel, you’re asking yourself: “what’s going on?”
From several day i’m throwing away all the air i have in my lungs. I need more oxygen.
Our connection is sucking me from inside. in someways i know, it’s happening also to you. 
We can hear each heart beat we are doing and it’s like a storm and i can feel each whispers you say me and everytime i think i could to faint.
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard and i know in someways, you read what i’m writing to you in this diary. 
By now our flows are continuos and i feel i’m receiving your flow and you are receiving mine. It’s a crazyness, but it is so and i know it’s the same for you at the opposite side of the world.


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