Without make some noise, you arrive behind me and sofltly begin your approach and when i feel your arms that wrapping me in your sweet embrace i hold back the breathe and i feel our minds get connecting one another.
I feel your t-shirt touch my back and i bite my lips and you start to whisper me: “I couldn’t wait our souls united”. 
There is a moment of the day that our connection is more stronger and this moment has come. It’s now and it will continue till tonight. I love when it begins. Our connection is strong an di begin to throw away the air from the lungs, as if i need more oxygen. Oxygen that arrive from you since our minds are connect, despite our real distance.
Your oxygen is enter in me as a new flow of emotions and they make me feel overwhelm. 
As i need your oxygen, you need mine. 
Our connection is made also of this, by now. 
Since you are realizing of all that it is so and it will be till our minds will meeting for real in Our Parallel World. And by now, we know, it does it exists in somwhere in our deep.
Our souls are destined to stay together. I know it and you know it too.
Our souls are shaking and our minds are get connecting always more. 
Everything this is magic.


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