When this evening

I have started to feel the vise in my stomach and my head was pulsing and i have felt that sensation that it would wrapped me all the time and  i never thought to go back in time and i  relived that atmosphere in your shack in your countryside. Instead it was so. That shack in which i’ve met you, almost for a case. That dream has knocked the door of my head for all the time. If i close the eyes, i rembember each particular and maybe i  heard your voice.
That dream, our first very connection, that slowly has begun to be a costant in my life, till to arrive at this moment in which even you are realizing that there is something more between us and you are feeling it growing inside of you.
Sometimes i live certain moments like a dejavu. Dejavu that i lived with you and everything this it’s impossible, but certain things seems real and so i think Our Parallel World it is real.
Tonight i relived that dream and i looked at me around and it was so real that my head when has started to spin then it didnt stop and even now it spin when i’m talking to you, trought this my written words, i know, i’m sure, you are feeling something that is scrambling you inside.
Our flows reached one another and now our minds are continously connect, and that’s why all that spinning around me, inside of me and i’m sure it’s happening also to you. 
Also if you still don’t realize what is, i can whisper you: “It’s our connection” and i know you can hear me.



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