“While you”

Was telling me this, it was growing an atmosphere in which our hearts were mergein one with another and you eyes didn’t wanted break away on me. Slowly my breathe got faster and faster and more i was looking at you, more i knew what you have would do and i slowly i left you do it, because i wanted it too. 
Without realizing i was biting my lips and this my gesture got row your gaze to look at me more deeply, leaving me more without breathe. Your lastest phrases still spinned into my mind like a vortex and your gaze was pushing me inside our desire that was growing more and more, always slowly in our minds. Your eyes were piercing me and our breathe got faster and faster. 
Slowly you got up youself and without say nothing you have make me lift. Your eyes were always straight on me.
I could feel your breathe around me: it was wrapping me as your arms. 
You have tight me. Slowly, we went up. Your eyes were staring me while you have lean me on the bed.
My back was on the matress, while your arms were well stretched so you could see me better. I was looking at you, waiting for that you make your move. We were doing already it. That love made by breathes, gaze that made each further move useless. 
But delicately we wanted something more, but we didn’t wanted break away our glances.
Our eyes were the line guide of that act. Your hand was gentle to touched my body and sweetly you lean yourself on me while you was caressing my face till to reach my belly. 
I knew i had to let you do. 
Our breathes got faster and faster.
When you lips leaned on mine your touch was so softly that i believed to chasing that kiss, but you remained on my lips and slowly we have opened our mouths and our tongues were meeting and they has started to touch themselves delicately.
Our mouths, our kisses, our lips, but above all our breathes, were wrapping us. 
Our souls were speaking trought our emotions, trought our touches.
Your hand delicately was caressing my body. You looked at me for a bit then softly you have lifted me up the white light dress till the hips and you have hold my brief in your fingers and then you have snatched me them off. My moan thrilled you and without thinking about it, you have penetrated me. In that moment we became one only body and soul.
Your slowly get in and out made me feel in exctasy.
Sweetly i slided my hands in your shirt and delicately it was fallen over your arms while you was looking at me and your beloved thin lips were about to kiss me again.
We were about to reach the maximum of pleasure, when you have looked at me and you have sighed: “I never felt something like this” and slowly you have lifted my hands up my head and we looked at eachother with wide eye open, when we have felt explode the pleasure inside of us at the same moment.
While we were feel the contractions slowly fading, we looking at eachother and your eyes were still piercing me and i looking at you, waiting for still your lips kiss me again. I closed the eyes and slowly i had parted my mouth and i didn’t waited for much and you have kissed me gently again.”


⇐ “When our minds”

“You looking at me” ⇒

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