“When our minds”

Got connect one of the first time i didnt’ understand what was happenning. I knew it was just one of the most incredible thing it was happened to me. Now eachtime is happen everything around me turn and my vise in my stomach grow and occasionally i feel a great soft punch and i feel to faint, and then the vise in the stomach pervades me and sweetly i feel you hands wrapping me.
Tonight they touched my bare belly and you fingers were so gentle on my skin.
That faint sensation, i’m sure, it’s you that are whisper my name at the opposite side of the world and our souls can feel it and they wants let us know it. 
In someways we are touching, but above all we are talking. My head is still spininning and i feel you’re close to me: you are approaching yourself to me.
You start to speak… to whisper.
“When i left you sleep in my bed i didn’t wanted leave the appartment, but i wanted to take something for you. I had to take something. I wandered in the city, but when i stopped in front of that shop and i have saw it, something has pushed me inside and i went immediately in front of the counter. I remained breatheless. I have stared it for long time. My heart jumped in the throat. When the shop assistant arrived, he looked at me, but i didn’t take off the eyes from that little object. I knew, it was waiting for me. I’ve indicating it without speak. I have give only a glimpse to the man who was serving me and i was stammering a bit, i have asked him how much did it cost.
When i went out from the appartament i putted myself my usual clothes: jeans, t-shirt and the brown leather jacket and i never figured to enter in that kind of shop that morning.
When the shop assistant have told me the price, i have sighed “She, has no price”. I was still breathless and almost speechless. I was looking at the little object, looking for the wallet in the pocket of the jeans, but i haven’t find it… in the other one… not even there. 
The shop assistant was looking at me almost impatient. I have smiled him nervously. I have leaned the other bags on the floor, and at the end i have found the wallet inside of the jacket.
That moment of really embaressement gone away when i payed it and i demanded if the little box could be grey. 
My heart has started to beat again.
When i came back, in my head ran a lot of thoughts, but when i went up and i saw you with my hand note in your hand shyly smiling, everything disappeared.”


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