Also you,

Start to feel our connection that slowly is growing up inside of us. My vise in the stomach begin to scrambling me and my head is begin to spin.
Maybe you’re thinking a bit of me. 
By now to the coincidence i don’t believe anymore and what which i saw the other day, just the day you have start to record the audio book make me think, by now, some day we will meet for sure. 
You’re asking yourself the same question from days. I can reply you with a big sigh and a nod. 
You will begin to throw away air from your lung more often you could imagine. 
Our souls are approaching always more and our heart are beating always more at unison.
I can see you, with your blue eyes, with this question that run in your mind always more often than usual. 
Our souls are approaching and our hearts feeling it. 
Me, here i’m typing these words, holding back my shaking.
Our Parallel is here and i’m watching it inside my little crystal ball.
I feel it, it’s wrapping us sweetly and slowly you are coming close to me and gently you’re wrapping me with your arms. You’re touching my belly.  Each your touch, i hold back the breathe and now my fingers are shaking on this keyboard cause i can feel you deep and sweet voice, it’s call me. I feel it inside of my soul. 
Writing these words i’m biting my lips, cause i know, now you’re feeling what i’m feeling from two years or so and our souls are communicating sweetly.
I knew, i wasn’t going crazy. Our connection is get bigger and bigger and slowly also you are realizing of that.
Our Parallel is here, that’s enough to stretch our hands and we can enter in of it. And everything will come true, as we always wished.



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