“With this glance” – [5]

I can just throw away the air from my lungs and can hear your voice arrives straight to my heart, while our minds get connect and our hearts begin to beat at unison. 
I’m me too with headphones on and slowly our eyes are meeting trought this pic.
In this glance you are telling me everything. I see you you’re about to smile. 
If i close the eyes i feel our sensations wrapping us.
I work with written words and you with spoken words and this a thin thread. A thread that is spinning around us like an emotional twirl that is uniting us one another always more faster and more we looking at eachother, more we feel attracted one with another.
We are far but if this gaze is continuos, nobody will forbids us to stay together.
I ‘m feeling we are travelling to reach an innacurate point of Our Parallel World. 
In your gaze there something you want let me know. 
I’m stopped in front of the Burn Valley. Our magic is still in the air everything is blooming and everything has the colour of our emotions. 
The colour of the sky has the colours of your eyes. I throwing away the air from the lungs. 
I’m calling you, whispering your name. I know you can feel it and for a bit i close the eyes. I inhale the air then throw it away.  This it get calm me, because i know within short time i will be close to you.
Kapi is flying over me. Slowly i don’t hear his shrill voice no more. In the peaceful Burn Valley is fallen a sweet silence. From far a thunder. A lightnening has illuminating beyond the Valley. Then right after just the silence a gentle breeze caressing my face, but at the end, from behind your wrapping embrace. I lean my head back on your shoulder. 
Your breath is merging with mine. Your perfume is wrapping me. Our minds get connect. 
Your arms are tightening me sweetly always more and i hold back the breathe. 
Slowly you spin me toward you. Our eyes are meeting ad sweetly you take my face in your hands. We looking at eachother for an istant and then with your all delicateness you lean your lips on mine and you starting to kiss me.
Our vise in the stomach get bigger and bigger and our sensations exploding around us.
Then you break away and say: “I’ve missed you much, my princess.” And my heart explode in million of pieces, transforming itself in milions of  dancing butterflies.”


“When i” – [6] ⇒

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