“After” – [4]

Say this, our glances met one in another. We had shyly smile as the first time. Your words still ran in my head and in all my body. 
You was looking at me delicately seriously. That gaze that i knew very well, it was enchanting me more. Your eyes were sweetly diving in mine and i could see in them the most beautiful thing: your soul and your soul was wrapping me in his invisible arms and everything around us was became what we had always wanted: a silky atmosphere, where our eyes and our souls could have merge one with another and we could feel be swallowing inside in.
We were looking at eachother without say nothing. But around us it was unleashing a force that it was came from us. 
We could feel it. We were as hypnotized. Our hearts were beating so strong, but we remained just looking at eachother without do nothing. 
Sometimes we had sighed. These istants was seemed lasting a life.
It was seemed that our souls were speaking and we were hearing  to them.
Your gaze was still into mine. Our breathes were slow and it was seemed that each of us was breathing thank to the breathe of the other. In someways, it was so.
Slowly and delicately you have take my hand and i remained breatheless.
Our gaze didn’t wanted take off one from another. I have took a deep breathe and i thrown away the air from the lungs.
Slowly you was approaching yourself to me. I could feel slowly, everything exploding around us and inside of us. 
What which i was seeing were the most beautiful and intense eyes i’ve ever saw and they were looking at me. I thought that i could be die in at any moment.
Delicately you have caressed my face and i took your hand for placed it on my breast. 
You was approaching yourself to me always more.
By now our faces, were kindly touching. 
We were living of that istant. We knew what it would be happen, but we had wanted extending that sweet moment till to the end. 
Our emotions were there, and they were wrapping us.
By now, our faces sweetly touched one with another. 
At the same istants we had sighed. 
Your hands had took my hips and sweetly you has approached me to you more. 
With all your sweetness, you have leans your lips on mine. 
You have started to kiss me slow. Your lips were touching mine with an incredible delicateness. You wanted that moment to last as long as possible.
We were kissing so sweetly, that we had thought to going crazy. We knew that we were breathing thank the breathe of the other. We were sure of that, but we were losing everything else.
Slowly we were became what which we had know to be one for another.”


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