“We were embracing” – [3]

Tight, while the moonlight was entering in our appartament. Our breathes were the only melody that we could hear. I could feel you had something to say me. 
I have could read your thoughts. You was looking at me deeply without say nothing, but i knew that gaze and the feelings that were blooming, were of a such beauty that they were swallowing us inside. I holded back the breathe till you have spoken. Your words were been million of thousand and thousands of emotions since the first phrase you have putted in row. 
I have believed to be swallow inside of them, while you have started. I didn’t wanted believed how much our minds were got connect since our first gaze. 

“When i left the bar that evening the lights of the sun were still high in the sky…i spinned my gaze to the bottom of the room, looking for to catch your attention… you was so beautiful. I came back here and i wasn’t able to take off your face from my mind.”
When i had listening to your words my heart stopped and i was continuing to look at you overwhelm. You have continued: “I putted myself here to stare at the brickwall without a reason, hoping to look at you coming out from there, but i knew it wasn’t possible.
The next day, i was bring another boxes inside to the appartment and i had still your face in front of me. The idea to don’t see you again it was hammering my head: i couldn’t loose you. That rapid glimpse it has been full of something that still i can’t explain.” You was staring me and i was doing the same.
“I looked at the little clock on the desk of my grandpa and i took the keys and i ran toward the bar. In front of the door of the local i’ve holded back the breathe and i entered. Rapidly i placed myself on the same stool of the counter of the previous day. I would have wanted, if ever we were met again, let you knew that i was back for you. To the first glimpse, i didnt see you. The table was empty… my only question was “Where are you?”… I was looking at to the local. The noise covered my thoughts. I wanted just look at you one more time. Also for share a shy smile. That was enough even that and i would come back at the appartment as the most happiest man of this world. 
I looked again at the table, to the bottom the room, but my mind was full of  your gaze that i didn’t realized that on the table there was that your diary that you was keeping always. 
My heart jumped in the throat. You was there! I have stared the glass of beer that i have ordered, as if was hypnotized. The noise of the bar was fading. 
I have felt something inside of me. My heart was beating strong, i didnt wanted lift my face, but i was sure our souls met again. It was so. You had noticed me.
Few seconds later i’ve spin my face toward you. You was looking at foward you, as if you was looking for something, isn’t?”  – “I was looking at the big room, but in reality, i was simply admiring at you.” i’ve whispered.”


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