Your closiness

0006_fondigranaSlowly approached and my vise in the stomach got bigger and bigger and our minds got connect. I feel, you’re asking yourself “What is it this?”. It’s simply our parallel world around us. 
Despite our distance, you’re coming close to me and softly you are embracing me. Your arms are wrapping my belly and we close the eyes at the same moment. We are throwing away the air and what which we need is just to hear our breathe at unison. That’s we get connect and we feel our closiness. 
I feel your hands holding my hips and i whisper your name trought my soul and my heart.
You are looking at me with your blue eyes and now that’s you are asking the question i done to myself millions of times. 
Our Parallel World it say to free our souls and let them fly up to the sky, till they unites eachother.
Our minds seems are going crazy, but it’s a normal process. 
We can feel our souls take the flight at the same moment. Despite we are far we are approaching slowly and delicately and little by little we can touch us.
We can feel our flows fly in the air and we can see them. 
We have to hold back the air for a second then we can throw it away from the lungs. That’s our point of conjuction.
Our connection it’s here and it’s inside of us and we feel it.
Our hearts are beating strong and our minds are merging one in another and everything we feel around us is Our Parallel World… inside of us.


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