“Take a deep breathe” – our common vibes

And throw away the air from the lungs. Slowly, you’re realizing everything. Sofltly i take your hand and i whisper: “Don’t worry”. You’re looking at me so. You know that is one the most beautiful thing that it could be have happen to you. 
Me too, i’m still throwing away the air from the lungs. For me, now, it’s a normal thing. 
You’re asking me still that question. 
Your blue eyes are looking for an answer in mine, but i can’t give it. I can sigh you: “It’s all around us”. 
You are in front of me. I tight your hands. You whisper me: ” It’s entering and it is coming out from me…’ I smile and i nod to your shaking voice.
“What you are feeling, they are our souls speaking”. 
Your hands joined and your eyes are staring me. You have no need to speak. 
Slowly you have putted my hand on your chest. Your heart seems beats normal. But for you it seems explode at any moments.
“We are reaching the same point of connection”.
I take you hands and i put them down.
For a long and silent moment our gaze dive one in another. We can see Our Parallel World in our glances. 
You have need to joins your hands again and without realizing i do the same.
Around us it’s unleashed a strong energy that has wrapped us. Our united hands has issue that new energy.
Slowly you have take one of my hands and you approached yourself to me.
Delicately you have lean your lips on mine and softly we have take the flight whirling up to the sky. Our hearts are beating stronger than ever. 



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