Our minds

Slowly are meeting. Our hearts are opening and our souls delicately are whispering one of the most sweetest words never heard before.
I’m throwing away air from before. I’m feel your closeness in an one strong way never felt in all the period in which is begin everything.
My head is exploding and i feel your energy slowly enter in me and this overwhelm me. 
I can’t swallow and my heart is beating slowly that it seems is going fast.
What is happened last night left me without breathe, and if i thinking about it i can think our connection is growing always more.
I feel your arms are sofltly embracing me and i feel you are call my name: my soul feeling it and my thoughts are toward you, while you are sleeping.
My vise in the stomach is get bigger and bigger and slowly you are realizing everything, our eletric shocks are more frequents. 
I’m here in silence, but i’m speaking to you trought my heart and my soul and now, slowly, you are able to hear me.
I’m throwing away air, and maybe you’re doing the same.
Closing the eyes, i feel you’re sweetly embrace me from behind as you do as usual and your arms tight me toward your chest. 
Tell me you can see Our Parallel World, cause i can see it trought your soul and your arms are taking me there, despite we where are
My head is exploding from last night. 
I’m thinking  you.



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