“When our gaze” [1]- prologue Our Parallel World

Met for the first time, we had the same reaction. We have put down our faces at the same istant.
We had felt something around us that slowly has wrapped us. 
I rembember i was the first one who lifted the glance. You was staring the glass of beer that it was in front of you. You was still shyly smiling. Something of magical was sorrounding us. 
For the first time our minds got connect. That moment of embarassement for both of us it was making beating our hearts fast.
Then, you has left the bar. I was remained to my table with my diary in front.
I looked at the place where you were. I stared it and for a long moment i relived that short moments in which our eyes were meet and our hearts were explode. 
When i lifted my face you was still with the face down. I had felt your thoughts. They were running fast in your mind and in someways they had reached me.
Me, at the bottom of the room, i felt sure, but not much sure from another your glance.
Your first glance followed by a shy smile, it had opened a gash in my heart and all my feelings were coming out. 
You was looking ahead, but something it was saying me that you wanted look toward me again. 
Our hearts were exploding. Our souls wanted meet eachother again.
I was staring your place at the counter, while someone else was taking the place where you were sit. That evening you wouldn’t come back. 
I have stare my empty glass and slowly i got up and i left the bar too. 
Going away i have passed next the stool, by now, occupied by another person. I would like have touched it for a short time, but the gaze of whom was occupied it, he was not at the same opinion.
I throwed away the air from the lungs and i came out.
Back in my lonely room, I threw my diary on the bed and threw myself on it too.
Your eyes, your shy smile, then your immediate shame, were still on my mind.
When you have left the bar, you have give a glimpse to my table. I knew it. But our eyes didn’t meet. Maybe you have looked at me, but i wasn’t able to see you. 
When the door closed, my heart had a thud. 
The strong light that was entering has obscured our last gaze. 
Maybe i wouldn’t seen you no more.
My heart was about to explode once again. That evening it was happened something and i didn’t know what and your sweet glance toward me it was the centre of everything while you putted down the gaze.
In these seconds it was happened something bigger than universe itself and i was lay on my bed staring the roof above me, reliving each little istants, earlier and after, that our glances have met our souls.”



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