Here you are – appendix to the 24th open letter to Luke



You have looked at me with your blue wonderful eyes. Our souls were merge one another and it has happened again. My vise in the stomach is itself expand and our minds are get connect slowly again. 
You are embracing me delicately as only you do and i hold back my breathe again. I feel you would like to tight my hands, stay alone in the wood of Our Parallel World.
It has happened again again and again and you are looking at me how you only can do, leaving me without breathe. 
Just few words, but words powerful. 
If you want, we can go in that wood. We can leave our emotions, feelings, sensations that transporting us there. 
There, where the sounds of the nature and the colours of the nature wrapping us and that thin gold dust dances with our lights, while our hands are tightening strong.
Let’s live it again that magical sensation that we had lived in the wood.
Our breathes at unison and our glances one in another. 
Slowly our eyes are diving one in another and our souls are softly speaking.
I can’t believe it has happened again, but your hands are tightneing mine, despite our real distance, but when we are connect, our parallel world make us feel close and that’s what happens. 
I’m still stare your blue wonderful eyes and i’m throwing away the air from the lungs.
Now i’m writing this, my head is slowly exploding, my vise in the stomach is become again strong. My fingers are typing these words on this keyboard, but it’s hard for me don’t to shake.
Till now i was able to hold back my tears, but one is fallen.
Please we remain in this wood, one in front of another, holding tight our hands, sorrounding us from the gold light of the sun trought the branches of the trees. 
You and me in silence, while the twirl of our magic rise up to the sky. 
Now Our Parallel World is here and we are inside of it. Our connection is growing minute after minute. I feel you close to me. 
Your soul are speaking to my heart. Also if we are where we are, you’re talking to me and i feeling you here close to me. And if these seems rambling words, they aren’t at all. They have a logical sense, everything has a sense with you. 
I’m throwing away the air from the lungs.


⇐ Our glances – 24th open letter to Luke

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