Our feelings were around us. A sensual melody was wrapped us.
Our appartment was slowly becoming dark. We could hear only our breathes.
We were still on the couch, our hearts were going crazy.
The lights in the appartment was fading slowly.
They were just enough for illuminate our bodies, our faces.
Our minds were got connect. There was no need to talk.
You was piercing me with your eyes and with slowly moves with your mouth. You was biting your lips. I was looking at you, i wanted to do something, but everything paralyzed me. The only thing i could do was to hear our little eletric shock that ran across our minds. 
I could feel your slow excitement that got growed more and more.
It was enter in me like a lightnening and my desire was grow with him. 
Delicatly you have took one my hand and you have slide it into your shirt, half unbottoned. I have holded back the breathe, while i was tasting your bare chest while your shirt shirt fallen on your arms. 
Our little eletric shocks were growing up till they were explode, when you have slide your hand on my chest and also my shirt is fallen from my shoulders over my arms. 
Our glances piercing one another. Our hearts were going crazy.
In this seduction the only thing we were hearing to were our breathes and our hearts echoed.
We remained hypnotized.
Everything around was going slow, but inside of us, was going fast. 
We were floating in this atmosphere slow.
For a moment that was seemed lasting an eternity, we approached.
Your hands holded my hips. Our faces touched. In that gaze we had saw our parallel world expanding itself. 
It was seemed our eletrick shocks were chasing one another.
Slowly i have holded a flap of your shirt and i have whisper your name, while i have lay myself on the couch pulling you toward me. 
You have stared me, while my breathe was wrapping you. My gaze was becoming more languid: i was feeling lose. 
You was looking at me. Our desire was growing.
Our souls wanted to dance together. 
Slowly i was pulling you always more toward me.
Our breathes were becoming one only. They were becoming faster.
Slowly our lips touched. Our toungues has begin a slow play one with another that little by little was become always more fast and our desire to become one only soul, by now, it was unstoppable.
Our flows of eletric shocks were becoming always more frequents. We looked at eachother and suddenly we became what we had desired be. During that little moment we looked eachother with wide eye open and i have tighted your shirt, while i was moaning.

From far a lightening follwed by a thunder.”



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“When our gaze” – prologue Our Parallel World ⇒

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