Our glances – 24th open letter to Luke

For a moment have digged into our souls and we were come back in that night, in which has begin everything. 
Our souls are going crazy. We rembember the exact moment the universe it made us meeting. Our hearts going crazy. That night, i’ve asked myself many times: “How’s it possible?”
Each day passed by, our connection is growed up. More the days passed by that thin thread that has united us, it has wrapped us and our emotions, feelings are exploded.
I’ve tried to explain what has happened to the people who are close to me, but it was useless, the didn’t believed me. Maybe few persons who know me since i was born, but i can counts them on a palm of hand and maybe not even them believed me really.
I rembember exactly that first dream i’ve done, where i entered in a shack (your shack at your home in countryside) where you was singing and then you have presented me to your friends. That dream it was seemed a normal dream, but it wasn’t at all. It was the first signal of our connection. If i think about it also now i shake and my heart explode and i can’t swallow.
Since when i was a child my parents (above all my dad) gave me a nickname: “Little Witch”, and maybe he had right. 
But what has happened then after that dream, it shocked me much. 
Just after months, i’ve discovered you had at your home in countryside a shack and once you have sang with your friends. I was about to go crazy. I’ve told myself: “This isn’t possible!”, but instead it was there, in front of me. I wanted believe it was just a coincidence, just a little big coincidence, but more the time has passed by, these little coincidences were increased, till another dream i’ve done where you was saying me something about your private life. Something that i’ve checked immediately after and it was seemed real. It was real! In my dream you was in front of me and you was saying me everything. You don’t know how much i’ve desired to tight your hands, but i didnt. You was telling me everything with an infinite sweetness. We were here, in my countryhouse. I kept your secret just for me, for months.
Between us has happened something magical that it’s still lasting and this isn’t a tale, but something that’s is really happening between our minds, our hearts, our souls.  Between us.
When you have something to say, i know it few days earlier. I feel it. Our minds get connect and what i feel inside of me, is something i can’t explain and everytime happens the imaginable: you announce something important or write something, while my head explodes and i feel something that it wraps us and it unites us always more and by now this bond is growing up always more.
The first times i believed they were only little coincidences, but now, in the three years or so, these coincidences were become many and i don’t believe they are only coincidences no more. 
Call me crazy, but i’m sure, there is something magical that unite us in a special way. 
Maybe Our Parallel World and perhaps it does exists really. 



Here you are – appendix to the 24th open letter to Luke

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