It’s a strange thing

What i’m feeling. My vise in the stomach is growing always more. Our connection is approaching. I feeling your hands wrapping my belly. Your hands so sweet and delicate.
Yesterday i didnt feel you. Instead today, you’re around. I’m feeling your closiness. I’m feeling you are sending me your energies and i feeling them that enter inside of me and i send you mine trough our connection. I’m throwing away the air from the lungs and my thoughts are directed toward you in an unique way. You and in someway, i know you’re doing the same.
Our minds, our souls and our hearts today are strongly connect.
Also a little thought and everything is wonderful around us. 
Despite our distance, we are close more than ever and our sensations making us feel this magical embrace.
Everything around us is like a soft veil. It’s wrapping us. We can feel it inside of our hearts that are beating at unison.
It’s growing up slowly, while our minds are exploding. 
Despite our real distance we are speaking. I can hear your deep voice inside me. It thrilling me. Me, i’m talking to you with these words i’m writing on this open diary while i’m talking to you with my mind.
I do believe to go crazy, but i know, i’m not crazy. 
It’s only great connection we have. 
It’s so. There is nothing to explain. 
Around us there is just a magical aura. It’s so and that’s enough.
Our Parallel World wants us so. Unite, despite our real distance.


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