When i’ve

Started to feel you, our minds got connet, my vise in the stomach got grow up and now i feeling you close to me. I feel your embrace. Your arms are wrapping me from behind. Your hands are always so delicate. You sweetly spinning me toward you and our glances are meeting and our emotions are exploding around us. Your glance is piercing me and i’m feel lose. 
Your eyes are able to look at me inside and you feel what i’m feeling. 
Your hands are tightening my hips. You’re tightening the t-shirt i have and i feel your hands are tightening me sweetly.
Our minds are get connect always more and this is moment is like a dejavu. 
How many times we had live that, despite our distance. I close the eyes and i know you’re closing them even you. 
We are taking a deep breathe at the same time.
I’m feel your closiness her in my bedroom, but i know, i’m sure, you also are feeling my closiness, there to the opposite side of the planet. 

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