“Sweetly you take me in your arms”

We go down. 
Without say nothing we sit on the couch. You are sit close the armrest, and i’m in your arms. We are looking at outside the big window. You’re starting to touching my my belly, my hips. My back against your chest. Your perfume is around me. Also him, it caressing me. It caressing my soul. We dont say nothing. We listening to only our hearts beating. 
What we are listening to is the music of our love. Your hands are touching me delicately. Occasionally we sigh. These sighs collect everything we are feeling. 
I tight your hands around my belly, while you are continuing to touch me softly. 
My back on your chest. I’m feeling my t-shirt like a soft veil on my skin, while your fingers are tight it, for touch me.
Your perfume is like a delicate penetration. My eyes are closing and i’m taking a deep breathe.
You are continuing to caress my belly and my hips.
Slowly this, it’s becoming like a necessity. I’m loosing myself. 
I don’t see you, but i can see your hands, but i can feel your breathe. 
You begin to whisper sweet words and your lips are approching to my neck.
Still your perfume. 
Still your hands. Still our bodies against one another. 
Our emotions are wrapping us.
Our souls are begining to become one only.
Your gentle touch is making me crazy.
Outside, a lightening, a thunder.
I stop your hands. I spin toward you. We look at eachother in silence.
Delicately you start again to touch my hips. Delicately i slide my hand in your shirt.
You look at me overwehlm and i start to caress your face. I hold it in my hands and i approach to you. Our breathes are merging one in another.
Your hands are still touching my body. Each your touch is a deep breathe of mine.
We want delay this moment.
Slowly you slide your hands inside the t-shirt. You are delicately touching my hips and sweetly your fingers are sliding inside my briefs.
I’m throwing away the air from the lungs and i lay on your chest. I’m sigh:”I’m at your mercy”.
Your perfume is still sorrounding me and i close the eyes, feeling your fingers.”


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