“Your hands”

In the darkness, in our bedroom, in the bed, slowly you are approach to me.
Sweetly you are wrapping me with you soft embrace. I begin to feel your arms around me.
Your hands sweetly are touching my little body. I feel you start to tight me against your body.
Your hands are caressing me.
You want to extend this slow approach.
Our breathes at unison.
My hands are embracing the pillow.
Our hearts is start to going crazy.
Around us the magical atmosphere is sweetly wrapping us. Our minds get connect. I have felt your sweet approach, but i dont moved myself.
Your hands are delicate and so sweet on my body. 
Softly you are embrace me and your hand arrives to my hand. Our skin is touching so delicately. Our hands are touching. Your hand touches mine. 
Slowly our fingers are crossing eachother.
Sweetly we are tightening our fingers one in another. 
Our breathe stops for a while. 
You sweetly, pronnounce my name:”Daria”, i reply pronnouncing your: “Luke” and slowly i spin my face toward you. 
The bedroom is still dark. We aren’t able to see us. 
The one and the only way of contact are our hands. Our touches, our skin, your soft skin against mine.
Our fingers are tightening delicatly always more. 
Slowly our breathes get fast and we can feel our hearts that looking for come out from our bodies. They are exploding.
Sweetly you spin me and my back is on the matress.
Our flows sweetly are merging one in another.
Finally our mouths are able to touch eachother. You find my other hand. They touch, palm to palm and to the end even them cross the fingers sweetly.
My breathe enter in your body, you sigh my name.
Sweetly our hands are tightening and our lips are touching in a sweetest kiss.”


⇐ “The Alley”

“Sweetly you take me in your arms”⇒


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