Do you feel it

It’s wrapping us. It’s inside of us. For a while our souls touched and you have sweetly touched my heart. I’ve felt you and for a while i have believed to take the flight.
Our Parallel World is here and slowly we are entering in of it. I still feel your sweet embrace around my belly. Our minds are in confusion. 
I could not hold back the tears and you know it. That your whisper in my ear, has opened more my heart. In someways it like it was empty but at the same istants full of the greatest emotions that slowly you are giving me. 
I’m feel by your side and we are watching our Burn Valley in Our Parallel World, where our emotions are making still blooming every those colours.
Our breathes get slow, but our souls still are going crazy
Slowly i close the eyes, i’m throwing away the air from the lungs and around me i can feel your perfume.
I feel you are tight my belly from behind. I can feel your hands
This emotion paralyzing me. I’m breathless and the only thing that it continues to spin is my head toward a unique direction with the only question i have since when it’s begun this connection between you and me. 
Do you feel it, also you?


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