Your vibes

Are sorrounding me from i awoke and it’s happened again. You have softly punched my stomach and you’re still wrapping me with you sweet embrace. My vise is growing up much.
My head is spinning and i’m sure you’re throwing away the air from the lungs, even you, as if it was a necessity.
I’m still shaking and i know you’re looking at me thoughtful. 
Luke, it’s normal. Our vibes are growing up with us, in Our Parallel World and we are feeling us wrapping by one of the greatest sensation we ever felt.
Our limbo is embracing us tight and we are feeling it. 
It’s strong despite our distance.
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard and i cant stop what i’m feeling in these hours. 
It’s wrapping me and i know that it’s wrapping even you. 
Our minds are connect. I can feel your emotions, i can feel your heart is beating strong. Our hearts is beating at unison. 
Slowly we are entering in Our Parallel World.


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