“The Alley”

The only light in that dark alley was of a lamp and the light was spreading was a pale orange.
There were two or three parked cars.
Smoke cames out from some manhole and the smell of gas sorrounded that little spot, but it was seemed it doesnt care to that two persons.
The pale light of the lamp was illuminating them. And it was seemed, they were transported in another place, another world.
The guy was looking at the girl leans to the brick wall, so deeply.
Their breathes were slow, but inside of them, a revolution was making its course.
It was seemed the time was stopped.
Their eyes were set on them. Their big fear that everything could be disappear in a second.
But slowly he was approched to her. Sweetly he approached his face to her and he whispered her in a ear “What’s your name?  But he, already, knew her name and she knew his.
Now, to do those stupid games, it meant to extending that moment.
He took her face and his lips had almost touched her, but she looked down.
But suddenly after they looked at eachother for an istant, their breaths merging one in another and in that alley two names flown in the air, while their lips were uniting one another in a passionate kiss.”


“Your hands”

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