It’s from

When i awoke that my heart is exploding in thousands and thousands pieces and i know that’s you. It’s useless say no, our connection is getting bigger and bigger each day is passing by. 
Our minds are connect from that night and each day is passing by it’s growing up. 
We want pretend it has happening nothing, but isnt so.
I’m biting my lips and i throwing away the breathe from the lungs, from last night and since when i awoke, my vise in the stomach is growing up more the time is passing by, my thoughts are toward to you in a strong way. 
My head spinned more than ever. At a certain moment i believed to faint. Our connection was so strong. If i had closed the eyes i believed to touch you, to feel you behind me that you was embracing me and i thought you was doing it for real, despite our distance…. You was embracing me tight. And now also, you’re thinking ‘How is it possible?’ Everything is possible, if two souls are close, connect and each feel the emotions of the others, also if they are to the opposite side of the world.
We are united by Our Parallel World and we are so from that dream i’ve done… or we done it at the same moment….?


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