“Here i’m

To write some words about my novel “Our Parallel World”
A tale that little by little is become a novel.
A novel born from a sensation a feeling a poem and above all a thing that i saw that night of one year ago that it made me go on till few hours ago.

A real world that leave the place to a magic one, in which two persons leaving their emotions going, creating their Parallel World. 
A magic world where there is collected the past, the present and the future, thank to the Runes that are making part of my life from long time and they had followed me also in this novel.
Everything wrapped by great emotions, little glances, touches of hands, confessions, sweet moments of sweetness, wonder and big silences in which the souls spoke.
While i was writing it, leaving the imagination go on, without ever following a plot, i’ve/we’ve met The Markùts, The Morgur, Fenkuz, Pyr, Kapi and Bathuè.  They’re become part of me, like The Nothing, the bad side of my novel.
Last night i’ve wrote the last chapter without realizing and i believe to have written  a good last chapter, after a last unconscious enchantment between the starrings and the magic furry friends.
I really thank everybody who spent the time to read it and i hope someone really special for me may read also just this last piece, to put the words The End to this novel that i’ve wrote following my emotions and my imagination. 

Daria ♥

⇐“Slowly we

Our flows… [1st part]↵

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