“Slowly we

Asleep embraced one in arms of the other, wrapped by these emotions that still were floating around us.
That evening, we  went to sleep later. We slept very deeply. All those sensations were still around and they were going away very slow. 
When had opened the eyes few hours after, we looked at eachother. We were the same, but with a awarness of Our Parallel World more conscious than we could have imagine and this it thrilling us. 
We had still in our minds the born of this magical place between crashing, fire and explosions and that tiny particles. We could see everything trought the eyes of whom we had in front. 
Our eyes were sparkling and our emotions wandering into our souls.
You approached yourself to me and sweetly you have just touched with your lips my mouth.
We werent able to shake ourselves from that sensation that it was sorrounding from long time. We were like two calamites that attracted one another and we couldnt do anything.
In someways it was like we were chained by the most greatest emotion till now we ever felt.
We still looked at one another. We were loving us more than we could do, just staring and feel the love we had one for another.
To the end, as an explosion inside of us, everything it was more clear and that chain around us it set us free. Some tears were fallen from my face while you was looking at me, smiling me,ad with your deep voice you have sighed ‘it’s passed by’. I’ve caressing your face and slowly you was approching me to you and we kissed us



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