What i’m feeling

It’s one of the most greatest emotion and it’s wrapping from i awoke.
I’m now, who throwing away the air from the lungs and i feeling our connection are sorrounding us, despite we are far, one to the opposite side of the world. 
Our souls are speaking. Your is explaining what you’re feeling. My soul is wrapped by its words. 
You’re going behind me and sweetly are wrapping my belly, i closing the eyes, and i biting my lips. Sweetly you spin me and finally your eyes meet mine. 
Our silence worth more than thousands of words. Our connection is around us.
We looking at eachother and despite we are far we feel close eachother. 
These hours we are speaking trought Our Parallel World and despite we arent able to hear the spoken words, we can feel our souls that are merging one in another. Our flows can across the whole world and reach in a second our more profound feelings and we only are able to feel our magic closeness, despite our cursed distance. It enough close the eyes and take a deep breathe and in a second we are in front one another. 
This is our magic.


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