“We remained alone” – ○385○

We were still feeling that aura around us, and above all inside.
If we were concentrate, we had could feel all the thoughts of our friends and they, if we had give them the possibility, they have could also communicate with us telepathically. But now we were feeling the desire to stay where we were, because what we were feeling it was swallowing us from inside.

The lights we had put on the branches of the tree were still lit, and they had a hypnotic power on us.
The only thing that made us feel in safe, were our arms that were embracing one, and the others holding them tight.
Our hearts were beating so hard that we had thought they could splashing out from our bodies.
Also our heads were going crazy.
Our connection was amplifying itself to the others.

Our breathes were got fast, but to the same moment, everything around us and inside were going slow down.
It was normal. It has happened a lot of times, but this time we had feel it that it was digging more in depth.

We were still on the blanket, there, embraced one another and we were staring a point over, the lake, in the magic valley.
We wanted shake ourselves from this sensation, but we weren’t able to do nothing.
Inside us there was a storm of emotions, connections, vibes, that blocked us, while everything around was flowing in us and we were able just to receive these feelings: in someway we were changing, and without realize, we have whispered: at the same moment: “Hagalaz”, and slowly we have tightened us always more.
I wanted feel you almost inside me, I wanted be part of you.
My back was attached on your chest, and your breathe was calming me, even if, I knew that you was feeling the same feeling.

Whispering, and slowly you had said: “Let’s go inside”.
In someway, you had taken the control of the emotions.
You have take me, and with me in your arms, we were go up.

You have lay me on the bed. You have put yourself next to me.
One in front another, we remained so.
Our breathes were still fast, but everything was going damned so slow: we thought to going crazy.
We were to the mercy of these great emotions.

We were looking at us, waiting for that everything passed by.”



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