This is what

Is happening inside of me from two days. A big revolution, i’m feel spinned like a sock. Emotions are going fast in a world that is going so slow and my feeling are reaching to you in a new way and i feeling that you are feeling them inside of you like me. 
We are to the opposite side of the world, but it is enough we think to the other and our magic is accomplish itself.
Your words are arriving to my soul and i know what you’re saying without say nothing.
We are in the same limbo from long time and we are feeling the same emotions, the same vise in the stomach when we are connect. Our heads wants explode and in someway they are doing it. 
My only way to express what i’m feeling in these moments, is write and you know it better than anyone else. 
In someways, we are throwing away the air from the lungs in the same istants.
What i’m feeling in these hours, it’s bigger than ever. From when it’s begun this strange, but wonderful thing, these hours are the most intense and i’m not able to explain what i’m feeling. Just i’m feeling you’re embracing me strong and my head is spinning and when i dive myself into your eyes i’m able to see the same feeling that i’m feeling and you’re trying to explain what you’re feeling, but it’s useless. None will understand it. 
This is Our Parallel World and we are inside, only us and all the rest doesnt matter.


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