This sensation

Is exploded inside of me, like usual and my head has started to pulsing and my vise is got bigger ad bigger. I’m shaking and i know what you would say me.
I know you would like wrapping me sweetly. I’m feel you and i know why you have didnt passed by no more. 
I know you better than anyone else, even if we are so far away. I know what’s on your mind.
I saw your eyes. They spoke to me. They said me ‘What i’m doing?’
Let the time take its course. 
Me, i wait for you and maybe one day of these i will see something that make me understand that these words were reached to you directly to your heart. 
Our Parallel World is here and we both we know it. 
Our strongest emotions are inside of it. 
I saw your eyes. Your soul has whispered me and my emotions are exploding.
Our connection in these seconds, in these minutes, in these hours is stronger than usual. 
You are looking for to thrown away the air from the lungs without that i notice it, but will notice it. My soul will feel it. 
I already see your eyes and my heart is beating hard and you know it. You feel it. We both, we feeling it. 
Our connection is so strong, we know it.
If i could, i would stretch my hand and for sure you would take it. 
For now this open diary is the only way to make us feel, as we desire. 
Wrapped us in our magic embrace… 


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